Laser Dentistry


Lasers Are Used In A Variety Of Procedures Involving The Inside Of The Mouth, Be It To Remove Overgrown Tissue, To Reshape The Gums, Or To Whiten Teeth. Sometimes, Laser Dentistry Is Ideal For Children Who Become Anxious Or Afraid When Having Dental Work Done.The Two Main Types Of Lasers Dentists Use During Laser Procedures Are Hard Tissue And Soft Tissue Lasers. Each Laser Uses A Different Wavelength That Makes It Appropriate For Cutting Into That Specific Type Of Tissue. This Works Because Each Kind Of Tissue Absorbs Wavelengths Of Light In Different Ways. In Laser Treatment Patients Are Less Likely To Require Sutures, Anesthesia May Not Be Necessary, The Laser Will Sterilise The Gums, Making Infection Less Likely, Less Damage To Gums Shortens The Healing Time, Patients Lose Less Blood Than Traditional Surgery. Ukl Dental Clinic Has Advanced Laser Equipments And Well Trained Team Of Doctors To Perform Various Laser Treatments Like

    Painless Gum Surgery
  • Sterilization Of Canal In Rct
  • Treatment Of Dry Sockets
  • Treatment Of Tmj Related Problems