Operative and Preventive Dentistry


Operative dentistry is the department which focuses on returning the teeth to its proper functioning which may be hampered prior due to various pathological situations such as fractures or cavities.

Preventive dentistry on the other hand focuses on studying the oral environment so as to to prevent illnesses in the future.

    The treatments offered here are:
  • Single Sitting Rct: Removal of a large number of microorganisms by following the entombing theory.
  • Regenerative Pulp Therapy Using Stem Cells: stem cells are used to improve functioning of the dysfunctional pulp cells.
  • Tooth Colored Fillings: resin composite fillings are used in aesthetic dentistry
  • Microsurgery: Might involve removal of tumors, tooth removal or root canal fixation.
  • Tooth Whitening: when was the process of tooth bleaching which whitens the enamel that might have lost its colour due to various intrinsic or extrinsic reasons.